Euromunt Etuis

Different colours are used to enable instant identification of coin types and values Relief marking of packs clearly identifies number and value of coins in a pack.

Using pack-money® eases coin number checking before packing because packs are custom sized to contain specific numbers of coins.

By our 5-slot system we make it easy for you to count and handle coins, and also reduce any errors due to coin thickness variations, cutting down possible errors in value checks when depositing coins at banking establishments.

Our closure system meshing square ended slots with rounded studs make sure that closing is firm and secure, and protects packs if they fall. Series packing is facilitated by colour coding and uses European Central Bank colour codes.
Pack colour coding also facilitates reliable coin identification.

Omschrijving Dikte (µ) Verpakking Aantal/doos Kleur
50x 1 Cent Euro 200 26 zakjes van 250 packs 6500  
50x 2 Cent Euro 200 24 zakjes van 250 packs 6000  
50x 5 Cent Euro 200 19 zakjes van 250 packs 4750  
40x 10 Cent Euro 200 23 zakjes van 250 packs 5750  
40x 20 Cent Euro 200 16 zakjes van 250 packs 4000  
40x 50 Cent Euro 200 18 zakjes van 250 packs 4500  
25x 1 Euro 200 29 zakjes van 250 packs 7250  
25x 2 Euro 200 31 zakjes van 250 packs 7750  
    20 dozen per pallet  

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